This exhibition at the New Glasgow Society brought together forty-three artworks from rental properties around Glasgow. Lots of these artworks usually spend their lives in cupboards, where they stay out of sight but within the terms of the tenancy agreement. Not all of these artworks are unloved by their tenants, and some are proudly displayed around the home, but none of the work on display had been chosen. In the style of the “Salon des Refusés”, this exhibition showcased a category of art that is typically disdained by galleries but that many people have to live with. “Art on the Lease” compares the often decorative function of art in the home, to the often critical function of art in the gallery. Most of these artworks hold a unique value to their temporary owners, who tend to care for them out of a desire for their deposit as opposed to a genuine appreciation. The collection also explores wider issues around the lack of agency for tenants during the UK housing crisis.

With thanks to Molly McCarthy, Cai Davies, Emma Brown and to everyone who lent me their artworks.